Points Raised

  • Marketing ideas – Blogging and understanding your Target Market.
  • Financing issues.
  • FEAR – of achieving excellence/success of self
  • When employing someone on a self-employed basis, what are the responsibilities for the employee regarding the payment of their Tax, NI etc and what are the business owner’s personal Tax liabilities?
  • Unique Selling Point (USP) – What is it? How do we know that the idea is Unique?
  • Networking within Businesses
  • Members attending the BFS regularly
  • Why run your own Business – ‘Doing what you love means you never work a day in your life”
  • The importance of Visualisation and Holding the vision Clearly.

Fear: There was a focus this month on what is being gained by coming to the BFS’s.  A discussion ensued regarding the support within the group and members attending regularly in order to gain the most from the space.  This month’s session highlighting Human Experience was given to Fear.  The BFS is a great space to hear and be heard about Fears and expectations of self. 

It was agreed that the BFS offers the support of other like-minded entrepreneurs who don’t have deep knowledge of your business, but do have a general inner understanding regarding ‘Mindset and Mindfulness’ of where you want to go.

This results in gaining the confidence and self-esteem to keep moving forwards.  “The environment definitely enables the ability to air your Fears regarding what you expect of yourself within your business” said one, which led to the question “Is Fear of Success and Excellence a blockage to gaining just that from your Business?

So much is gained from all who attend the BFS’s as can be seen by the Testimonials offered. Eg:

“It gave me the opportunity to look at myself as an integral part of the business and the way my personality impacts on the business”

“Recognition of my weaknesses and owning up to them means I can play to my strengths and employ others to do the work I’m least skilled at”

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