Strategic Partnership Agreement

Strategic Partnership Agreed

Supporting the Creation of High Performing Companies

In the furtherance of adding to commercial income generated by working with Corporates and SME’s, therby  creating the financial self-sufficiency necessary to support ROCBaSE’s Charitable Purpose, we are delighted to announce that ROCBaSE has recently agreed a

Strategic Partnership with

The Stress Management Society (SMS),
See also “The 10-Step Stress Solution” by Neil Shah, founder of SMS. 

SMS is a well-established and respected provider to the Corporate World and we’re naturally delighted that they’ve recognised and are prepared to endorse both the value and uniqueness of our work. SMS have a proven record for over 10 years of providing unique solutions to stress-related problems.  They have developed the

Business Stress Risk Review 
This uniquely identifies the cultural and commercial impact of stress to an organisation and its workforce in addition to the most effective solutions a business requires.

Over the past year, ROCBaSE has developed the
OPtiC Language© Programme,

This is aimed at increasing corporate productivity through individuals and teams reaching their full potential and communicating effectively. We do this by clearly identifying what the core issues are and working to resolve them 

There is a natural synergy between the respective work of  SMS and ROCBaSE, since poor communication and working below potential are
and, conversely, stress is likely to create
poor communication and below par performance. 

SMS and ROCBaSE offer unique development options for companies and individuals through our respective programmes. 
We look forward to working with The Stress Management Society and in offering with them a range of effective pathways for Company Development.


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