Guarantee of Success


Give yourself a Guarantee of Success:
ROCBaSE Start-Up Advisors have the experience you need.
We’ve done it ourselves.
We’ve been where you are.

We know all about the struggles

We’re Patricia and Anton and between us we’ve a track record of supporting over 100 start-ups, 74% of which are still in being, including 2 businesses that were turning over in excess of £1m within their first 2 years.

Our Clients Speak For Us – The following are edited versions of testimonials that appear on LinkedIn.


Client 1“I’m so glad I found you guys! Thank you for your support and guidance!”

Client 2 “I would like to thank you for the Business Planning Seminar – It’s certainly an eye-opener to business planning and important aspects in business life”

Client 4 “Excellent content; Well pitched and delivered; Comfortable environment; Passion and enthusiasm of facilitators was contagious”.

Client 5 “A very well run and thought provoking seminar


Jonathan Moulds – CEO of Shiplake Homes.

ROCBaSE provide a unique business counselling service which has helped me beyond measure. I set up a house building company at the beginning of the year.

Whilst I am confident in my field of expertise I felt I did not possess the business acumen to effectively start up and run my newly formed business. On a practical level ROCBaSE guided me through composing my Business Plan, forming a cash flow forecast and creating an Investor Pack. The Investor Pack successfully raised the targeted investment capital of £60,000 required to enable the company to operate.

Through regular business sessions with ROCBaSE, I learnt a great many more tools which will stay with me forever. I learnt the importance of remaining professional in the face of negativity and positive affirmation and belief in the company. Above all I learnt to relax and enjoy the process of starting up and running a successful business.

Says Robin Block, Founder of Award-Winning Red Sky Vision: “Business counselling with Anton and Patricia  was a great experience. What was so valuable was the 2 years of support after start-up and the holistic nature of the counselling – In the early start-up phase it helped me to be clear-minded about decisions I had to make and in the pragmatic work of strategizing, identifying my goals and creating sustainability with the corporate bodies who are now my clients”. 

Patrick O’Sullivan Director at Dukes Court Ltd: “As an assessor of the competence of business advisors for the SFEDI qualification, I had to observe Anton’s work for Accreditation. Not only was I impressed with his technical knowledge but also with the way that he engaged with his clients and worked to their agenda. His own wide practical business experience was passed on most ably and willingly to his clients”.

Client 1. Arts and Crafts Business. “Patricia provides me with a lot of knowledge and information, shows me how to think in a wider way and helps me become more organized and professional, in order to build a healthy and growing business”.

Client 2, Amy A, Nightclub Business. “It’s quite simple. ROCBaSE has and is enabling me to see that my dreams and goals are reachable. I leave each session with Patricia believing in myself and my abilities and a little closer to the truth that I deserve the best; if I forget this, which I often do, I am reminded that all the resources that I need to be a success are already within me. I am extremely grateful to ROCBaSE for all their continued support, feedback, honesty and guidance. Attending ROCBaSE is one of the wisest decisions I have ever made”.

Not only do we excel as Business Counsellors, but we know all the ins and outs, highs and lows, trials and tribulations of setting up and running a business and the need for belief, perseverance and determination.

Our Credentials Are Your Guarantee
We’ve done it ourselves.

Between us, we’ve a vast range of experience, including; Creating and managing a self-employed entertainment business earning £100K pa: Founding a packaging business from zero to £10m turnover within 5 years: Divisional CEO responsible for £40m turnover.

We’ll guarantee that you’ll develop your business idea into a successful enterprise, through developing your own innate skills and attributes.

We’re real people who relate to our clients in a real way – not from theory but from hard-won, streetwise practical experience and…………

We’ve been where you are.

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