Attend a Free of Charge Business Planning Seminar

Our Business Planning Seminar (BPS) will provide you with total awareness of the basic principles that need to be considered in starting up and writing your Business Plan and to guarantee your success.

The objective is to provide you with the knowledge that your business idea is viable – the Business Plan is primarily for You.

It is a fact that most new enterprises fail within the first 2 years. Don’t let this be the case with your business.

You are your business, so we cover more than just the pragmatic aspects and look at the fundamentals of starting a business:

  • Personal, Business and Core Skills;
  • Experience;
  • Risk;
  • Market Awareness and Research;
  • Your USP;
  • Pricing and the Essential Elements of Finance;

The BPS is interactive and not a lecture.

The ROCBaSE Start-Up Programme is an integrated process consisting of regular Business Counselling Sessions, Training Workshops and Seminars, which are targeted for you to produce a Business Plan that proves viability of your idea.

Whilst the choice is yours, we thoroughly recommend that you attend a BPS first to find out how a Business Plan will give you confidence in your ideas