Accountancy is just an application of simple arithmetic – all you need is the knowledge of how to construct your spread sheets, where to enter the figures and how to interpret financial information. We take away the mystique of financial management terminology. Each topic is the subject of a 3 Hour Interactive Workshop or you can make enquiries for a bespoke workshop for your business’s specific requirements.

Break Even Analysis

Learn how this very powerful tool can help you in setting your prices at a profitable level and analysing the effects of price and cost changes. Distinguish between Direct and Indirect Costs and learn how to create a Breakeven Chart

Basic Bookeeping

Get the basics of how to keep your financial  records so you’ll always be up to date in knowing what your financial position is

Cashflow, VAT and Credit Control

Control over your cashflow will determine whether you’ll be able to pay your day to day liabilities and to ensure customers pay you on time. Get insight on how to create a workable invoicing and credit control system

Profit and Loss Accounts/Balance Sheet and Taxation

You can prepare your own final accounts by knowing a few simple basics. You can work out your own tax liabilities and understand what the figures on your Balance Sheet tell you about your business

Other Information provided:

  • A Full Glossary of Accounting Terminology
  • Management Financial Ratios
  • Accountancy Software
  • Taxation Workshops – Given by a Taxation specialist from HMRC.