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“It’s quite simple.

Rocbase has and is enabling me to see that my dreams and goals are reachable. I leave each session with my Business Counsellor believing in myself and my abilities and a little closer to the truth that I deserve the best; if I forget this, which I often do, I am reminded that all the resources that I need to be a success are already within me.

I am extremely grateful to Rocbase for all their continued support, feedback, honesty and guidance.

Attending Rocbase is one of the wisest decisions I have ever made.

Amy A”

Robin Block, Founder of award winning digital agency – Red Sky Vision:

“Business Counselling with a business counsellor was a great experience. What was so valuable to me was the 2 years of support after start-up and the holistic nature of the counselling. One example of this value was a problem I encountered after about 4 or 5 months, when I’d got to a stage of near burn-out and was in danger of over-committing myself to clients – my counsellor helped me to see for myself how to strategise and manage my time and effort, as well as helping me feel less anxious generally and specifically in relation to having to say “no” to clients. I don’t think the nature of support from a consultant would have been as effective in allowing me to arrive at my own conclusions and being able to deal effectively with the situation I found myself in”.

Cristophe Legrand, Co-Founder of Ltd. Cristophe is a “natural”  entrepreneur. When he was asked why he continued to come to business counselling for 3 years after start-up, he gave a very simple reply “It gives me the opportunity of having a psychological sounding board”

 Patrick O’Sullivan Director at Dukes Court Ltd

“As an assessor of the competence of business advisers for the Small Firms Development Initiative qualification, I had to observe Anton’s work on at least 3 occasions. Not only was I impressed with his technical knowledge but also with the way that he engaged with his clients and worked to their agenda. His own wide practical business experience was passed on most ably and willingly to his clients”.

Client ABB

“I couldn’t have achieved all this without business counselling support.

I wish to remain anonymous, as by choice I’m estranged from my abusive family of origin, who are members of a quasi-religious cult.

In February 2013, I was living on benefits and struggling to make ends meet. I’m a qualified massage therapist and wanted to start up in private practice. I felt I needed support – not only in learning how to approach a business start-up but also because my confidence and self-esteem were at a low ebb.

I contacted ROCBaSE because I was attracted to the fact that the Business Counselling process supports clients psychologically as well as pragmatically.

I was very impatient to get started but my business counsellor helped me to decide that thoroughness of preparation and knowledge of the market are crucial and more important than speed.

I started my market research and as I could never afford a travelcard, spent hours walking up to 15 miles at a time, sometimes in the pouring rain, from my home to the West End and City to cold call companies (mainly corporates and leisure service providers) that were likely to be able to help in referring clients to me.

This was an exhausting process but with the encouragement of my business counsellor and the few companies I met who gave me positive responses, I persevered and gained a lot of insight into the market, pricing and what the companies were looking for from their providers.

Whenever I felt down and wondering whether all this was worth it, my business counsellor listened to my feelings and didn’t make judgements, which in turn re-inspired me.

I was worried that because I didn’t have all my own equipment, couldn’t afford leaflets, price lists, other promotional materials and a car, that I wouldn’t be taken seriously. But my business counsellor encouraged me to concentrate on what I knew – that I’m a very good masseuse. With that knowledge, I was able to present confidently to the market. I hit on a couple of inspired ideas that began to work and that resulted in my first clients coming through. I was also getting clients through 2 salons I’d been to see and also through a web-based source. The commissions I had to pay were high but it was a start.

All the way through the process, my business counsellor continually helped me in maintaining and increasing my self-belief. I received excellent feedback from my clients and my confidence has grown tremendously.

The reputation I’ve created means I can now engage clients without using agencies and achieve the turnover targets I set for myself.

I am in business! I couldn’t have done this without the empowering and non-judgemental support I’ve had – my business counsellor showed a belief in ME and what I could achieve, rather than voicing any opinions about the potential of the business”.

Client F

In 2008 I left my country, Greece and moved to London hoping to find a job in animation and aiming to make my hobby, jewellery making,  my main job in the future. I was expecting that it would take a lot of time to set up my own small business, but it didn’t take long to happen.

As a foreigner I didn’t know much about how the system works in the UK and fortunately someone told me about ‘business counseling’. So, I found the right persons to advise me and support me.

My business counsellor provides me with a lot of knowledge and information, shows me how to think in a wider way and helps me become more organized and professional, in order to build a healthy and growing business. In addition, I got great psychological support, as living away from my family and friends wasn’t easy and I faced a lot of difficulties.

Now that I am temporarily back to Greece I still have sessions with my advisor via Skype and it’s even more helpful because I also have help in legal and accounting questions that sometimes come up and is difficult to find out from a distance.

At the end of each session I feel much better, more optimistic, less stressed and I believe more in me and my skills..



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