We’re delighted to announce that we’ve reached agreement with RHP for the provision of business/self-employment support to RHP customers.

RHP have a comprehensive training programme for their customers needing to maximise their career prospects and which enables them to have the necessary job/technical skills for either employment, starting their own businesses or developing an existing one.

Our role will be to support those wanting to start a business through the Business Planning and Start-Up process, as well as providing support for those customers already in business but who need that extra input we can provide for the progression of their businesses.  

There is a natural ethical synergy between us, as both RHP and ROCBaSE are committed to the provision of opportunity for all and to help raise levels of expectation, self-confidence and self-belief in those who have experienced various forms of disadvantage.

The Partnership will enable RHP customers to access the subsidised business support being offered, which will give them the best possible chance of successfully starting and sustaining a solid business.

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