Our Team


ASAnton Smith, Joint CEO
Anton had a 30 year career in the packaging industry, working at CEO/Director level and interacting with some of Europe’s largest manufacturers and retailers, including RHM Foods, Mars, Unilever, M and S, Tesco, ASDA and Nestle. After running a Restaurant for 2 years, he qualified as a therapeutic counsellor and subsequently took up a role as a business counsellor. He has started up two of his own businesses, each of which were bought out by national UK companies and with whom he stayed on as divisional CEO. Like all his colleagues, he knows only too well the ups, downs, swings and roundabouts and emotional highs and lows of being an owner-manager. Anton provides Business Counselling, Training and Workshop Facilitation. 


PMPatricia McGillicuddy, Joint CEO
Patricia is an accomplished business woman, psychotherapist and singer/songwriter. She brings many years of experience in the field of human interaction and specialises in cross-cultural counselling in both a business and therapeutic environment. Having started up two SME’s, with a third on the way (her music performing and publishing work), she is very aware of the trials, tribulations and emotional roller coaster that a start-up incurs. An excellent workshop and seminar facilitator, who makes you feel it’s OK and normal to have feelings in business.  Patricia’s client roles at ROCBaSE are to deliver Business Counselling, Training and Workshops.





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