Motivation and Ownership

Business Counselling is a process by which business issues are diagnosed and addressed in such a way that the client learns not only how to overcome or manage their current concerns, or exploit their opportunities, but also how to tackle similar situations in the future. It is a process in which a Business Counsellor works ‘through and with’ rather than ‘for’ a client.

As a result clients come to ‘own’ both the issue and the result and are motivated to set their own objectives and take action.

This is equally applicable to management.

Effective management incorporates the ability to give ownership of ideas and performance to the employee – it creates motivation, initiative, inspiration, sharing of ideas and solutions, self-confidence and a willingness to contribute to the maximum.

The common belief is that managers should direct – Yet the far more effective way is to involve and consult.

Dismissing this concept by inferring there’s no time to have dialogue is dangerous – autocratic decisions and lack of collaboration inevitably lead to additional costs further down the line

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