“Control is not leadership; Management is not Leadership; Leadership is Leadership. If you seek to Lead, invest at least 50% of your time in leading yourself—your own Purpose, Ethics, Principles, Motivation and Conduct”.

Dee Hock Founder and CEO Emeritus, Visa

Having a title doesn’t guarantee effective Leadership. There is overwhelming evidence that the most effective leaders are the ones who are conscious of the human aspects of themselves and others.

We’re talking about Emotional Intelligence, Trust and Ethical Standards.

Emotional clutter affects performance, no matter who you are. Wellbeing creates high performance; resentment and negative feelings create underperformance.

ROCBaSE courses, tailored to specific individual requirements, are designed to help Leaders (=anyone who is leading a team of people – not just CEO’s) identify what aspects they need to give attention to.

This personal investment will result in considerable benefits to individuals, the organisation and its prosperity.

The Founder’s Principles    –  https://youtu.be/-zC1TVoyQ8k

Courses – An Overview of Leadership and Management Course Content