Emotional Competence


The Primary Emotional Competence is the AWARENESS of how EMOTIONS affect COMPETENCE.

So writes Prof Yuval Bar-Or in his book “Leveraging People for a Corporate Turnaround”. 

Our own corporate experience absolutely reflects and endorses this proposition. Far too few Managers, CEO’s and Boards appreciate this vital aspect of management and, in our words, management without emotional competence is not management. They believe that managing is about directives and results, forgetting or ignoring that human beings are human – we all have emotions and feelings which, if affected negatively, will have a detrimental affect on performance.

If you’re carrying a resentment towards your line manager, because he or she was offhand with you for no reason, will your mind be totally on the job in hand, can you focus and can you prevent yourself inadvertently or even deliberately getting even?

Thus if you’re going to get the best out of your people, you need to employ and develop your emotional competency and, contrary to what the opponents of emotional intelligence believe (ie it’s too “fluffy”), it’s actually the single most difficult to practice management skill.

It’s proven that short-term memory is seriously affected by emotional conflicts, that this sets up a stress pattern – stress creates a drop in Serotonin levels in the brain and low Serotonin leads to poor decision-making.


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