Courage in Leadership

Courage is often seen as the ability, amongst other things, to take risks, to stick you your guns and to be decisive.

Yet there is another form of courage that’s often overlooked, ignored or unrecognised. It is the ability to look at oneself

Part of a leader’s role is to assess the abilities, attributes and weaknesses of those they are serving as leaders to  – so why do so few apply the same to themselves? The willingness to introspect is crucial. If leaders think they are above taking stock of themselves, they’re not true leaders. 

None of like to admit we’ve made mistakes, have misinterpreted things or taken an attitude towards someone else based on our own internal assumptions. But having the courage to ask others how we are doing as leaders, taking on board constructive criticism and working on the things we can improve is an empowering process and should be a regular part of a leaders’ life.

My Co-CEO Patricia and I talk openly and honestly about ourselves and pick up on areas of improvement, knowing it’ll enhance our working relationship and help the business to progress and grow. Clearing the mind of negative thoughts about one another, by having them out in the open and resolved, means we can focus on the business, unhindered by negative feelings and egotism.

In order to know others, you need to know yourself.  


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