Eureka Moments in Business (EMiB)

When asked how he thought up the Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein replied:

“It just came to me”.

This is inspiration. It comes out of the blue and is the vehicle that creates increased profitability. We refer to moments of inspiration as Eureka Moments – when an idea comes to us with absolute clarity and certainty.

Our Business Focus Seminars are designed to create Eureka Moments.

We provide a space for you and fellow businesses to discover your own EMiB’s to take your business forward to new heights.

The cost is £35.00 per person. Discounts are available for 2 or more participants from the same organisation.

We provide the ideal conditions and facilitation for free-flowing discussion and exploration that result in new perspectives.

You have to experience the process to appreciate how much it will contribute to your thinking, business development and problem solving.


This is what businesses who’ve attended our BFS’s have said:

  • “It was awesome – Without being advised, I realised what I needed to do to develop my business and what practical steps I need to take. I’ll recommend this seminar to other businesses”
  • “It gave me the opportunity to look at myself as an integral part of the business and the way my personality impacts on the business”
  • “Recognition of my weaknesses and owning up to them means I can play to my strengths and employ others to do the work I’m least skilled at”
  • “I’d like to get a regular BFS group together that meets once a month”
  • “I realised that I needed the 1-1 support that ROCBaSE offers”
  • “It was very helpful in getting me to step outside my business to see what aspects I could improve”
  • “It gave me the motivation to look at things afresh”
  • “The group approach was very useful in exploring my anxieties about how to get new business and gave rise to new ideas and opportunities”