Business Focus Seminar – 17.07.14

This was a really great session – this is what one of our clients said:

“I just wanted to thank you both for such an inspiring session at the last Business Focus Seminar. Patricia’s suggestions seemed a bit far out to me initially but it’s all fallen into place amazingly”

The discussions around our relationships with money were really indicative of how our views about money affect our thinking in business matters – If we feel guilty about having money, or believe we don’t deserve wealth, are we afraid to ask for profitable prices or ask customers for what they owe us? Are we so dependent on money as a form of security that we oversell to prospective customers?

We’ll be posting various parts of the Seminar as separate Blogs here in BizChat and on Facebook and Linkedin. 

 Points Raised

• Maximising Market Research

• Knowing your Market

• Staying Focussed

• Keeping Motivated

• What to do with our ‘quiet’ – time when all avenues at this point are covered.

• Skill sets to being an entrepreneur – How do I know what I need?

• Who am I within my business – Am I ready?

• The Masculine and Feminine in Business/Balance

• What is the Business Plan and how do I write one?

• Presenting your Business

• Relationships with Money

• Supply and Demand – What is my demand and how do I supply?

• Growing self-esteem

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