Another Angle on Productivity

What is Productivity?

Pre-Budget Comments about productivity almost exclusively concentrated on how many more units of product can be produced – quicker machines, more efficient work practices – all the old clichés.

But productivity is really about how people can willingly, enjoyably and with satisfaction work to their full potential. This is just as relevant in the service, professional and trades as it is to manufacturing.

There is a large hotel chain that encourages its staff to be themselves. After I’d had the most enjoyable meal with a group of friends at one of their branches, part of the pleasure was the way the waiting staff were – natural, non-intrusive and who engaged with us and who genuinely wanted us to have a good time – none of this “have a nice day” or trying to persuade us to order extras stuff. We shared humour and good feelings with the staff.

I had a word with the restaurant manager about how enjoyable our time at the restaurant had been and she said that staff are not given any scripts to work with and are encouraged to be themselves.

The effect – we all want to go back.

That’s Productivity

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